Have you ever wanted to convey something, and all you need is someone to listen without interruption? It can be frustrating when you want someone to listen, and they are not. A health and wellness coach does more than ask thought-provoking questions — they listen. Veronock Exavier (Coach V), in Atlanta, Georgia, is a certified mindful change coach and can be your silent listener. Silent listening is one of the tools Veronock uses to help you find your inner wisdom. Are you ready to change your life? Call today or schedule an appointment online to spend some time with a silent listener.

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What is a silent listener?

A silent listener is exactly what it sounds like. A partner who silently listens to your words without interruption and sometimes asks powerful questions. This is your time to find your inner wisdom.

Veronock is a certified mindful change coach who uses proven techniques to help his clients reach their full potential. Mindful change is an active process that focuses on you to help discover your purpose.

When going through a significant life transition, you may get stuck. You may contact friends and family for help but need more. With mindful change coaching, Veronock helps you get unstuck by utilizing your inner wisdom and knowledge.

I may not have enough to say. Can I benefit from a silent listener?

You can learn a lot about yourself from your inner monologue. The purpose of the silent listener is to give you the time to talk and listen to yourself.

Silent listening helps you focus, freeing up the space in your body and mind that allows the knowledge you seek to appear.

What can I expect from a silent listener?

Veronock is an experienced professional health and wellness coach. The specifics of your silent listening sessions depend on you. Before you start coaching, Veronock completes a comprehensive discovery evaluation.

This evaluation helps Veronock understand your strengths and your vision. The goal is to use your strengths and vision to reach your desired outcome.

Your silent listener helps you develop nonjudgmental awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. It enables you to become more self-aware and in tune with the mind-body connection. It also helps you be more engaged in the coaching process.

The silent listener deepens your understanding of yourself and develops a more positive mindset, leading to change and growth.

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