Are you struggling with focusing on anything? Is focus impacting your long-term goals and aspirations? It’s good to have goals, but you may wrestle to achieve them if you are having issues focusing. Veronock (Coach V) in Atlanta, Georgia, is a certified mindful change coach who can assist you in regaining your focus and maximizing your strengths to execute your vision. Find out more about focus and mindful change coaching by calling today or clicking the online booking button to schedule a consultation.

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What does focus mean in mindful change?

Mindful change is a coaching technique that helps you discover your passions and create the life you want. Focus in mindful change coaching enables you to find your inner wisdom and life purpose. It connects the body and mind, making the space that allows change.

Focus isn’t the same as mindfulness. Mindfulness is a type of meditation that helps you stay in the present moment, giving you the freedom to think and feel without judgment. Focus is helping you find your innate knowledge, asking yourself questions, and waiting for an answer.

Additionally, mindfulness is quiet, recognizing and accepting your present time. While focusing can be an interactive practice in which you openly speak to a silent listener coach. This is where your mindful change coach comes in, serving as your listener to collaborate and redirect your focus.

How do you know what to focus on?

Veronock uses his mindful change training and past experiences to help you focus, giving you the space to talk or think about your life through silent listening. He allows you to “focus” without offering advice, passing judgment, or sharing his ideas.

Through mindful coaching, you discover your inner wisdom, experiencing that “aha” moment that helps you determine your purpose and vision in life.

When creating a plan, Veronock helps you focus on your strengths, guides you toward your starting point, and enables you to create an action-oriented strategy that connects you with your passions.

What strategies can help your focus?

In addition to silent listening, Veronock uses other mindful change strategies to help you focus. This includes:

  • Accountability
  • Balance
  • Collaboration
  • Silent Listening
  • Self-development
  • Mentoring

Mindful change coaching is an active process that propels you toward change for your goals and vision. Finding your purpose and vision is a powerful tool that allows you to succeed in all your endeavors.

Focus connects you to your knowledge, allowing your passions to bubble up.

Are you tired of struggling? Do you want to grow personally and professionally? Call Veronock Exavier today, or schedule your mindful change coaching consultation online.