About Veronock Exavier

Veronock Exavier is a certified mindful change coach who provides health and wellness coaching in Atlanta, Georgia. Through mindful change coaching, Veronock helps people find their purpose and mission and make active changes to succeed in their endeavors. He serves as a mentor and accountability partner, helping his clients learn the importance of balance and focus. Veronock also provides self-development coaching services. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Information Systems Management at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, Veronock completed his Master of Business Administration in Technology Management through Phoenix University. In addition to health and wellness coaching, Veronock works as a realtor and senior business process consultant, where he helps manage cloud application services solutions, developing solutions, and assisting businesses to improve their productivity. With his coaching services, Veronock is a support system if you feel stuck and serves as a silent listener, guiding his clients to find their internal wisdom. Then, partnering together, he helps them forge new paths that enable them to attain all their life goals. Call Veronock Exavier today or schedule a mindful change coaching consultation online.